Питер Прендергаст

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Питер Прендергаст

Президент, Европейский колледж эстетической медицины Дублине, Ирландия.

Dr Peter Prendergast is the medical director of Venus Medical in Dundrum, Dublin. The clinic specialises in minimally invasive cosmetic and aesthetic procedures.

Venus Medical was established in 2005 by Prendergast and his Singaporean wife Pyn Lim-Prendergast who is the clinic’s business director.

Prendergast is a fully registered doctor who trained at University College Cork, interned at Waterford Regional Hospital and John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford before working in Dublin in cardio-thoracic surgery and in Singapore where he became interested in aesthetics.

Источник https://www.irishtimes.com/business/health-pharma/clinic-s-success-is-more-than-just-cosmetic-exercise-1.1891554

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